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ramon sanchez Gonzalez

Years of experience: 6
Position: TEACHER




Years of experience: 
Position: TEACHER
Miss.Hayley was born & raised in NJ where she began her training in various dance styles. After high school she moved to NY to unsure her dance career. Hayley appeared on Season 8 of SYTYCD in the top 50 dancers. She has also toured the country working with various artists including Meghan Trainor, Pharell Williams, Chris Brown, Niki Minaj and more. She has been a featured dancer on Glee, Americas Got Talent, Jimmy Falon, & LIVE with Kelly. Hayley currently tours with Illuminate & is on staff at various competitions. 


Years of experience: 10
Position: DIRECTOR

Miss. Victoria became a partner at The Movement Dance Centre, LLC in 2013 after attending Rutgers as a BA Major in Dance. Along with many performance accolades as a teacher she has choreographed regional and national award winning dances.


Years of experience: 36
Position: TEACHER

Mr. Thomas is in his 2nd year on the MDC staff. Aside from owning his own studio, he has taught ballet at the Peabody Conservatory and University of Maryland and directed Mt. Vernon Ballet Company of Baltimore. 


Years of experience: 3
Position: TEACHER

Miss Tori started with us as a student where she assisted classes and went on to become full teacher after graduating MDC. Tori is in her Junior year as a BFA Dance Major at Montclair State University.




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About Us.

The Movement, known for its great dance education, family like atmosphere, and friendly teaching staff is now entering into its 8th exciting year of business in the Old Bridge/Marlboro/Morganville area. Under the direction of Krystina Walsh and Victoria Gouge the staff focuses on creating a positive learning environment for both the serious and recreational dancer. We are not your ordinary dance studio. 

Our goal is to instill confidence, spark creativity, evoke passion, and develop technique in each of our dancers. We take pride in our ability to produce well rounded dancers whether they dance for fun or want to dance as a profession. 

 We truly believe that the customer comes first and we love and cherish the relationships we make with all of the families we serve. All classes are taught by a variety of well qualified teachers. At The Movement we don't just teach children how to dance, we make them into dancers! 

Mr. Ramon began his training in Madrid, Spain. He has trained and performed professional internationally in numerous companies including Joffery NYC, Neoclassicalballet London and Professional Conservatory of dance in Madrid. 


Years of experience: 13
Position: DIRECTOR

Mrs. Kryssy established The Movement Dance Centre, LLC in 2009 after attending Montclair State University as a BFA Major in Dance. Along with numerous performance accolades as a teacher she has won numerous awards for her choreography regionally and nationally.